What is the difference between Pause and Refresh?

We have two options for temporary archiving of 'for sale' listings.
27 July 2023

We have two options for temporary archiving of 'for sale' listings. Both options are available within your account after clicking "Change status" button on the property page, and then the Pause button.

Option 1: Pause - $20 including GST

Suspends your listing temporarily, removing it from all websites but keeping it within your account. You can un-pause at any time and it will feed back over to all websites for no extra charge.

A maximum time limit of 6 weeks applies. If you have not reactivated your property within 6 weeks it will be automatically reactivated for you. If you do not want your listing automatically reactivated after 6 weeks, please contact staff to prevent this. 

Please note that this will be the same original listing. Not available for rental listings.

Option 2: Pause and Refresh - $400 including GST.

Realestate.com.au allows you to take your listing completely offline, and then relist it as a brand new listing. This means it has a new id number, new list date, a new number of 'hits' and most importantly will appear at the top of standard listings in search results. The downside with this option is that they do require that the listing is offline for two months in order to this. However, it could be good timing over the slower periods to take advantage of this. 

A maximum time limit of 6 months applies.

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