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Help articles and frequently asked questions about selling or leasing your property with PropertyNow.


Managing My Account & Listings
Learn about how you can managed your PropertyNow account, and your rental and sales property listings.
Pre-purchase Questions
Questions before you list? Here are some of the most common questions we get regarding listing a property for rent or sale with PropertyNow.
Property Enquiries
Tips and best practices for handling property enquiries after you list your property for rent or sale with PropertyNow.
Renting Advice
Information regarding renting or leasing your property through PropertyNow.
Selling Advice
Information on selling your property through PropertyNow.
Signs, Upgrades and Add-ons
Learn about the range of signs, listing upgrades and add-ons available with PropertyNow to help your property listing stand out.

Popular Articles

What is the difference between Pause and Refresh?
We have two options for temporary archiving of 'for sale' listings.
How can buyers make an offer?
There are a few ways buyers can make an offer. The first is directly to you and the second is via our 'Make an Offer' system.
Do I need a Contract of Sale Before Listing?
Whether you need to have a pre-prepared contract of sale before listing, simply depends on your state.
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