How to mount my for sale sign

Instructions on how to mount the for sale sign
23 November 2020

Depending upon the area the sign will be mounted; if there's a fence at the front of the house you can simply cable-tie the sign to that;


If it's soft ground then you can pick up a couple of star pickets from Bunnings and cable tie to those;


or you can get pine/wood pickets and drill/tie to those:


If it's concrete only then you'll need a frame weighted with sandbags or secured with dynabolts, which you will need a handyman to assist with.

The local Bunnings or hardware store will be more than happy to help out with any of these options.

Unfortunately due to the different mounting conditions possible, the weight of mounting hardware and our nationwide model we do not currently offer installation services as a regular option.

If you are mounting on a grass area without strong winds you can request from staff a wire stake for $25inc gst and delivery:


Or if in a high wind area you can request a steel frame for $160inc gst and delivery:


Note with the steel frame you will still need two star pickets to slide the frame over which should available from your local hardware store.

You will be provided double-sided tape to apply the sign to the frame separately.

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